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CWFC Process Products and Solutions
process solutions
Process Overview
Enhancing and safeguarding refining processes
Valves & Pumps
A diverse line of products and related services
Pressure Vessels / Reactors
Providing severe service vessel technologies throughout the world
High Speed Motors
Land and offshore high-speed commercial motors
Component Fabrication
Components for the refining and petrochemical industries
Process Safety Management (PSM)
Engineering and consulting services for the process industry
State-of-the-art electronic components, systems, & software
Sealing Technologies
Comprehensive pressure seal containment solutions
Monitoring / Diagnostics
Total Automation Solutions (TAS) consoles and instrumentation
Turnaround Support
A variety of in-field maintenance, support and domain expertise
Fluidic Catalytic Cracking Unit
Process Overview
Enhancing and safeguarding refining processes

Enhancing and safeguarding refining processesCurtiss-Wright Flow Control supplies a diverse set of products and services to the hydrocarbon processing, refining, petrochemical, gas production and processing markets, including engineered valves, control systems, safety relief valves, specialized pumps, process safety management software and accessory and field repair services. As demand for global fuel requirements grow, processing capacity must also increase and Curtiss-Wright Flow Control's products provide the oil and gas industry with significant savings while providing technology solutions that foster plant flexibility, reliability, enhanced production and compliance with safety and environmental regulations.

Process solutions include:

Curtiss-Wright Flow Control companies provide critical technology for severe service processing. As illustrated in the diagram below, the distillation column heats the crude oil and gravity separates the components with "heavier" at the bottom and "lighter" at the top. The lighter components are easier to refine, but heavier components (sometimes called "bottoms") require advanced refining techniques (displayed here in orange). The heavier the crude placed in the front end, the greater, or more “severe”, the demand on these processes..

Severe Services Processing

Key process industry providers


DeltaValve is known for its revolutionary coke drum unheading system where it is the world leader in innovative delayed coking solutions. Its flagship product, theDeltaGuard® Unheading Device, has set the new standard in safe, reliable, and easy-to-operate coke-drum unheading, and is the only fully DeltaValveenclosed unheading system which completely isolates personnel and equipment from coke drum fallout and other hazards associated with the unheading process. Other innovative products include DeltaValve's drum top blowout diverter, drill stem guide, auto-switch coke cutting tool, and a complete line of isolation valves which can be maintained and repaired in-line. DeltaValve operates from facilities in Utah and western Canada. Discover more about DeltaValve.


TapcoEnpro International has set the standard for problem solving engineered solutions, quality manufacturing and global on-site service for the fluid catalytic cracking industry for over 60 years. The total TEI package of TapcoEnproproducts and services provides everything you need to improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of your FCCU and other units within your refinery and petrochemical facility. With 14 active patents and the largest installed base of single source FCCU valves and actuators worldwide, TapcoEnpro technology and innovation provides a complete package of state of the art, critical service, high temperature valves; fast acting hydraulic actuators; digitally controlled hydraulic power units; ASME pressure vessels, heavy wall reactors and complete cat cracker equipment packages. Discover more about TapcoEnpro.

Total Automation Solutions (TAS)

TASTotal Automation Solutions (TAS) otal Automation Solutions (TAS) is a turnkey supplier and manufacturer of integrated automation and controls technology, products and services. TAS integrates quality OEM automation and control products with the optimum team of automation and control engineering resources to supply:

  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Automation Management & Maintenance Services
  • Automation Systems Design
  • PLC Programming Services
Discover more about Total Automation Solutions (TAS).

Farris EngineeringFarris Engineering

For more than 60 years Farris Engineering has been a leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of spring-loaded and pilot-operatedpressure relief valves. Used as safety devices, they prevent over pressurization of vessels, pipelines, and processing equipment. Farris Engineering is a recognized leader in the hydrocarbon processing, refinery, petrochemical, gas production and processing markets. Discover more about Farris Engineering.

EST Group

EST Group, is a market leader in providing highly engineered products and comprehensive repair services for heat management cooling systems. Expansion Seal Technologies (EST) is the market leader in engineered plugsfor shell and tube heat exchangers, condensers, oil coolers, piping EST Groupsystems and pressure vessels for severe service applications. EST Field Services provides a comprehensive range of field services for heat management systems. Design services provides design, fabrication and repairs of tubular heat exchangers, oil coolers, chillers, double pipe heat exchangers and Section VIII pressure vessels. Field services include a complete range of turnkey services targeted at the inspection and repair of tubular heat exchangers and condensers. Discover more about EST Group.

Offshore/subsea production providers

Electro-Mechanical Division (EMD)

The Electro-Mechanical Division (EMD) subsea multiphase pump systems are driven by highly-reliable canned motors. These motors, which have been a signature EMD product for more than 50 years Electro-Mechanical Division (EMD)featurehermetically sealed stators that are particularly well suited to the rigors of deepwater subsea applications. The resulting pumping systems can provide an up to 50% acceleration in production from the seabed floor, significantly reducing costs, making more fields viable, and permitting longer tie-back distances to reduce the number of required surface platforms. Ultimately, subsea production enables production to move directly to land-based facilities and reduces the need for surface level platforms. Discover more about EMD.

Supporting CWFC companies

The oil and gas processing industry continues to be the largest and fastest area of growth for Curtiss-Wright Flow Control. Its companies provide critical pumps, valves, process vessels and control electronics to customers around the globe. CWFC provides critical technology for severe service processes throughout the refining operation, with comprehensive solutions for hydrotreating, coking and fluid catalytic cracking. Specific areas of product focus include reactors, fractionating towers, slide valves, separator, orifice chambers, diverter and butterfly valves, as well as integrated control systems to name a few.
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The CWFC family of processing solutions companies

process suppliers
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