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CWFC Process Products and Solutions
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  Process Overview
Enhancing and safeguarding refining processes
Valves & Pumps
A diverse line of products and related services
Pressure Vessels / Reactors
Providing severe service vessel technologies throughout the world
High Speed Motors
Land and offshore high-speed commercial motors
Component Fabrication
Components for the refining and petrochemical industries
Process Safety Management (PSM)
Engineering and consulting services for the process industry
State-of-the-art electronic components, systems, & software
Sealing Technologies
Comprehensive pressure seal containment solutions
Monitoring / Diagnostics
Total Automation Solutions (TAS) consoles and instrumentation
Turnaround Support
A variety of in-field maintenance, support and domain expertise
Monitoring / Diagnostics
Total Automation Solutions (TAS) consoles and instrumentation

Total Automation Solutions (TAS)

Total Automation Solutions (TAS) team brings more than 20 years of experience providing the application TAS brings more than 20 7ears of experiences to bear and integration of control and communications technology to the petrochemical, oil, gas and power industries.

TAS provides a wide range of hardware and software monitoring and diagnostic solutions, including grease blending, lubricant blending and packing, digital valve control applications, data acquisitions and control applications, automated coke drum unheading with interlocking controls, and coker valve interlocking systems, to name a few.

TAS develops long-term working relationships with its customers by meeting their project objectives, financial goals, and after market service requirements. TAS provides “One Source” responsibility for integrated automation and control solutions through the application and integration of existing and emerging automation and controls technologies, products, and services.

TAS monitoring and diagnostic solutions include:
  • A TAS Control CenterPLC Systems Integration
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition Systems Design, Engineering, Maintenance and Construction
  • Programming - Languages such as “C”, Visual “C++”, Basic, Visual Basic, Assembly, Pascal, Ladder Logic, State Logic, Symbolic Code and SQL
  • RTU Design and Manufacturing
  • Design & Development of microprocessor based products
  • Graphical User Interface Design, Programming, Configuration and Development
  • Project Management
  • Training
  • Valve Automation and Control System Design, Engineering and Construction
  • Process Simulation
  • Productivity Improvement Software
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Peerless Instrument

Peerless Instrument has capabilities to provide a wide range of monitoring equipment for the oil and gas industry.

Monitoring Solutions
  • Peerless Universal Maintenance Analyzer Peerless Universal Maintenance Analyzer
    • Using advanced software and non-invasive sensors, predictive maintenance solutions provide improved equipment reliability and availability.
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  • Automated Chemistry Analysis Systems
    • Rugged commercial chemistry analysis components are integrated into an automatic system to monitor chemical impurities to parts per billion.
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