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CWFC Process Products and Solutions
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  Process Overview
Enhancing and safeguarding refining processes
Valves & Pumps
A diverse line of products and related services
Pressure Vessels / Reactors
Providing severe service vessel technologies throughout the world
High Speed Motors
Land and offshore high-speed commercial motors
Component Fabrication
Components for the refining and petrochemical industries
Process Safety Management (PSM)
Engineering and consulting services for the process industry
State-of-the-art electronic components, systems, & software
Sealing Technologies
Comprehensive pressure seal containment solutions
Monitoring / Diagnostics
Total Automation Solutions (TAS) consoles and instrumentation
Turnaround Support
A variety of in-field maintenance, support and domain expertise
High Speed Motors
Land and offshore high-speed commercial motors

Electro-Mechanical Division (EMD)

The Electro-Mechanical Division's high-speed commercial motors build upon a long history of success as aElectro-Mechanical Division (EMD) EMD: Motors built upon a history of successful defense applications leading supplier of high-speed machinery for defense applications.

The Electro-Mechanical Division has been supplying advanced high-speed machinery for critical defense applications for nearly twenty years. They are now bringing that engineering leadership and record of success to the commercial high-speed motor market.

      EMD High Speed Motors provide:

  • Performance ranging from 500 hp at 15,000 rpm to 30,000 hp at 5,000 rpm
  • Range of cooling options from hydrogen to filtered or unfiltered process gas
  • Magnetic bearings
  • Wide range of applications
    • Upstream, midstream and downstream
    • Land-based and offshore
These highly reliable motors create compact, cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternatives to gas turbines for driving compressors and other high speed machinery. Discover more about Electro-Mechanical Division EMD.
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