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  Process Overview
Enhancing and safeguarding refining processes
Valves & Pumps
A diverse line of products and related services
Valves / Actuators
Pressure Vessels / Reactors
Providing severe service vessel technologies throughout the world
High Speed Motors
Land and offshore high-speed commercial motors
Component Fabrication
Components for the refining and petrochemical industries
Process Safety Management (PSM)
Engineering and consulting services for the process industry
State-of-the-art electronic components, systems, & software
Sealing Technologies
Comprehensive pressure seal containment solutions
Monitoring / Diagnostics
Total Automation Solutions (TAS) consoles and instrumentation
Turnaround Support
A variety of in-field maintenance, support and domain expertise
Subsea pumping solution providers

Electro-Mechanical Division (EMD)

Electro-Mechanical Division's first entry into subsea processing will be subsea multiphase pumping systems. Leveraging our long experience supplying EMD's subsea multiphase pumping systemsintegrated motor/pump systems for highly challenging applications, EMD worked with Petrobras to develop and qualify a subsea twin-screw multiphase canned motor/pump system for their SBMS-500 Project.

Subsea pumping systemBuilding on that success EMD has formed a joint venture with Cameron International to develop and supply a range of subsea pumping systems to the offshore oil and gas market. These systems are being marketed internationally as part of Cameron’s CAMFORCE™ subsea processing solution. EMD’s long standing motor/pump system leadership meets its match in Cameron’s leading-edge subsea integration and packaging excellence. Discover more about Electro-Mechanical Division (EMD).

Subsea pumping support valve providers

Solent and Pratt (S&P)

Solent and Pratt (S&P) is the manufacturer of the high performance Triple Offset Valves (TOSV) and the T Series (double offset valves) PTFE sealed (Teflon) valves. These high performance valves are currently supplied to theoil and gas market, specifically to oil producing applications at offshore Solent & Pratt: Subsea pumping support valvesoil rig installations. Specially suited for corrosive environments these valves aredeveloped with specialized super duplex and titanium surfaces and can be used on fire main water, cooling water and sour gas application where there are high levels of hydrogen sulphide, which require the use of specialized construction to prevent stress cracking. Because of their specialized metal seating and lack of rubber parts, these valves are ideal for high pressure and temperature applications where conventional valves would fail. Their light alloy surfaces result in lower installation costs and lighter weight, which benefits offshore oil locations where weight savings is of a premium. Discover more about Solent and Pratt (S&P).

Subsea pumping control systems

Benshaw Advanced Controls and Drives

Benshaw Advanced Controls and Drivesis a leading electrical engineering and manufacturing company. Benshaw provides turnkey motor and machine control and protection solutions for Benshaw Advanced Control DrivesOriginal Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers.

Accordingly, the Curtiss-Wright Flow Control topside scope will include the variable frequency drive (think extremely high tech fuse box), master control station which enables the operator to monitor the system in real time, and the oil supply system.As part of its core competence, Benshaw Advanced Controls and Drives will be focusing on the variable frequency drive as a key deliverable to CWFC offshore customers. Discover more about Benshaw Advance Controls and Drivers.

Sump and pump related products

Sprague Products

Sprague Products manufacture air-driven hydraulic pumps, gas boosters, hydrostatic test systems. High pressure connection solutions include valves,fittings, tubes connections and a complete line ofaccessories.  Sprague Pumps are rugged, service-proven and virtually maintenance-free. A variety of Sprague ProductsSprague hydraulic pumps are offered for various liquid output pressure. Sprague Products' pumps service water, oil and most corrosive chemicals, and are rugged, service-proven and virtually maintenance-free.

Sprague Advantages

  • Automated Hydrostatic testing
    • Ideal for testing hoses, pipes, valves fittings and other hydraulic vessels and products
    • Eliminates hand-pump methods
  • Delivers high pressure liquids required by production machinery
  • Compact size enables installation directly on individual machines or test equipment
  • Air-driven pumps are non-arcing and no-sparking for continued safe use
    • Perfect for hazardous and confined areas
  • Simple design with fewer parts do the same job as competing products but with less maintenance
Discover more about Sprague Products
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