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CWFC Process Products and Services
products / services
  Process Overview
Enhancing and safeguarding refining processes
Valves & Pumps
A diverse line of products and related services
Pressure Vessels / Reactors
Providing severe service vessel technologies throughout the world
High Speed Motors
Land and offshore high-speed commercial motors
Component Fabrication
Components for the refining and petrochemical industries
Process Safety Management (PSM)
Engineering and consulting services for the process industry
State-of-the-art electronic components, systems, & software
Sealing Technologies
Comprehensive pressure seal containment solutions
Monitoring / Diagnostics
Total Automation Solutions (TAS) consoles and instrumentation
Turnaround Support
A variety of in-field maintenance, support and domain expertise
Parts Sales
Over 60 Years of Leadership
Improving plant safety, reliability and efficiency

Curtiss-Wright Flow Control companies supply the hydrocarbon processing, refining, petrochemical, gas production and processing markets with technological solutions that improve plant flexibility, reliability, efficiency and, most importantly, safety.

For more than 60 years, Curtiss-Wright Flow Control and its subsidiary companies have been global leaders in providing products and solutions that uniquely meet the complex needs of the industrial world.   

CWFC's family of process companies

Process Products

  • Critical process valves
    • Top and bottom coke drum unheading valves
    • Isolation valves
    • Boltless catalyst control slide valves
    • Pilot-operated relief valves
    • Pressure relief valves
    • Safety valves
    • Butterfly and triple offset butterfly valve  
    • Steam valves
    • Solenoid, gate and globe valves
  • Delayed coking equipment
    • Auto-switch coke cutting tools
    • Center-feed injection device
    • Coke drum transition spools  
    • Drill stem guide and blowout diverters
  • Fluidic catalytic cracking equipment
    • Air grids and cyclones
    • Risers, headers and wye systems
  • Engineered pressure vessels
    • Cat cracking reactors and regenerator heads
    • Hydrotreaters
  • Advanced valve controls and prognostics technology
    • Digital valve controller with redundant technology
    • Signature recognition for fault and lead detection
    • Integrated valve, automation, safety and control systems
  • Energy Production and processing equipment
    • Separators
    • Combinations separator/hydrator units
    • Flowback and oil treating equipment
    • Emission control devices
    • Burner management systems
    • Vapor recovery towers
    • Gas ignition systems
    • Communication dataloggers
    • Re-manufactured/repaired production and processing equipment and related parts

Process Solutions


process suppliers
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