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CWFC Power Solutions
power solutions
Power Overview
Supplying a variety of critical technologies to the power industry
New Builds
Pumps, CRDMs and a host of solutions for new nuclear plants
Operating Reactors
Supporting 439 reactors operating in 30 countries
Fluid Processing
Critical flow control products and engineered solutions
Containment / Infrastructure
Fabricated components, system interfaces and containment
Control Systems
Electronic components, systems and software
Monitoring / Diagnostics
Diagnostics/monitoring, ultrasonic analysis and environmental testing
Sealing Technologies
Nuclear and non-nuclear pressure seal containment solutions
Engineering Services
Design, analysis, outage support, engineering, licensing and more
Obsolescence Portal
Providing obsolescence solutions
Engineering Services
Design, analysis, outage support, engineering, licensing and more

Engineering ServicesEngineering Services is a consulting solution group within Curtiss-Wright Flow Control which provides innovative solutions to some of the unique inventory and supply chain challenges facing the power generation industry. Its companies provide a unique blend of talent and experience that has enabled it to create cost-saving solutions that satisfy both the technical and business sides of the equation.

The following companies provide engineering, operations, maintenance, business management, manufacturing and supply chain, as well as software development. This unique blend of talent addresses each new challenge with a very broad perspective.

      Engineering ServicesEngineered Services

  • Design and Analysis Services
  • Outage Support
  • Project Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement Engineering
  • Regulatory and Licensing Services
  • Training

Engineering services providers


Enertech provides products and services to commercial nuclear power plants, NSSS suppliers, A&E's and the U.S.Department of Energy and has established strategic relationships with companies whose products and services are vital to successfully operating nuclear power plants. Customers rely on Enertech's unique, innovative, and integrated QA process to provide safety-related and ASME Section III parts. Discover more about Enertech.

Nova Machine Products

Nova Machine Productsis a major supplier to utilities, Nuclear Steam Supply Systems, Architects & Engineers, the Department of Energy and Original Equipment Manufacturers and firms that support thenuclear industry. Innovative products, such as Nova's HydraNut® bolting technology are changing the face of the industry by dramatically accelerating closure time for reactor vessel heads and coolant pumps, increasing plant efficiencies while significantly reducing the risk of exposure to employees. Additional products and services include custom manufacturing, NPT-Certified Welding, nuclear approved Unistrut® building materials and PlasmaBond® vacuum-coating lubricant seals. Discover more about Nova.


Anatec-LMTAnatec-LMT, a business unit of Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Company, is a global, full service provider of Non-Destructive Examination (NDE), and Quality Services to nuclear and fossil power generation, petrochemical, construction, defense, and transportation markets.

Anatec –LMT service offerings include advanced Steam Generator Eddy Current Analysis, BOP Heat Exchanger Eddy Current Testing and Heat Exchanger Condition Assessment, Ultrasonic Testing, including manual and automated Phased Array UT applications, In-Service Inspection (ISI), including ASME Code Program development and review and Quality Control and Quality Assurance services. Anatec –LMT provides technical and certification training in all NDE methods in addition to providing third party certification services. Their core group of Level III personnel has become the workforce of choice for U.S. and international utilities and vendors. The San Clemente based business unit is a member of the Nuclear Group of companies (EMD, Enertech, EST Group, NETCO, Nova, Scientech, and Target Rock) continuously supporting the global Nuclear Power Industry for over 50 years. Discover more about Anatec-LMT services.

QualTech NP

QualTech NP is internationally recognized as the leader in solutions for nuclear facility replacement parts,nuclear facility airlock services and custom fabrication. QualTech NP maintains a multi-discipline in-house professional engineering staff to develop and design solutions to meet its clients needs. Discover more about QualTech NP.

Total Automation Solutions (TAS)

The goal of Total Automation Solutions (TAS) is to provide all required elements for comprehensive automation processes and solutions, either as a turnkey turnkey approach or as unique handling required by one or more individual aspects any automation process.

The TAS team facilities the customer's specific needs within the Petrochemical, Refining, Oil & Gas, Water & Wastewater, Power and Liquid Storage markets. These could be new implementations as well as customization of pre-engineered Application Specific Integrated Products and Services (ASIPS) products. Available Pre-Engineered ASIPS products from TAS include

      Available ASIPS products

  • Level and Control
  • Flow Control
  • Batch Control
  • High Integrity Pressure Protection Services (HIPPS)
  • Measurement
  • Power Control
Discover more about Total Automation Solutions (TAS).


Scientech provides utility NSSS, A&E's and OEM's with the hardware, technology, risk and reliability, information and process solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiency, safety, performance and knowledge. Areas ofexpertise include NFPA805services, risk assessment, equipment reliability, reactor and steam generator equipment and servicing, chemistry quality control software and services, plant process computers replacements, thermal performance and safety monitoring software, access processing software, hardware solutions for obsolete instrumentation, licensing and regulatory compliance and subscription database services. Discover more about Scientech.

Farris Engineering Services (FES)

Farris Engineering Services (FES) provides engineering and consulting services to the Process Industry. Our experienced engineers provide integrated solutions for all phases of Pressure Relief Systems Management and Process Safety Management (PSM) compliance program needs. Our revolutionary web-enabled software, iPRSM®, provides a state of the art, cost effective solution to manage pressure relief systems documentation, and assure compliance with regulatory codes and company standards over the lifecycle of the facility. More about Farris Engineering Services.

EST Group

EST Group provides a comprehensive range of field services for heat management systems.

Design services provides design, fabrication and repairs of tubular heat exchangers, oil coolers,chillers, double pipe heat exchangers and Section VIII pressure vessels. Field services include a complete range of turnkey services targeted at the inspection and repair of tubular heat exchangers and condensers. Discover more about EST Group.

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