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CWFC Power Solutions
power solutions
Power Overview
Supplying a variety of critical technologies to the power industry
New Builds
Pumps, CRDMs and a host of solutions for new nuclear plants
Operating Reactors
Supporting 439 reactors operating in 30 countries
Fluid Processing
Critical flow control products and engineered solutions
Containment / Infrastructure
Fabricated components, system interfaces and containment
Control Systems
Electronic components, systems and software
Monitoring / Diagnostics
Diagnostics/monitoring, ultrasonic analysis and environmental testing
Sealing Technologies
Nuclear and non-nuclear pressure seal containment solutions
Engineering Services
Design, analysis, outage support, engineering, licensing and more
Obsolescence Portal
Providing obsolescence solutions
Monitoring / Diagnostics
Diagnostics/monitoring, ultrasonic analysis and environmental testing

Curtiss-Wright Flow Control engineers provide advanced products for all sources of power generation. Today, its innovative products continue to change the face of the industry by improving plant safety and efficiency.

As utilities seek to extend the life of existing plants or make plans to build new facilities, they put their trust in the technical superiority and unmatched experience and knowledge provided by Curtiss-Wright Flow Control.

Monitoring / Diagnostics solutions include:
  • Diagnostics/monitoring software
    • On-line performance and analysis
    • Diagnostics/monitoring softwareRadiation protection
    • Laboratory monitoring
    • Safety assessment
  • Ultrasonic wave analysis
    • Ultrasonic wave analysisRotating equipment health and condition analysis software
    • Specialized ultrasonic placement sensors
  • Environmental testing
    • Seismic
    • Environmental testing Harsh Qualification
    • Mild Environment

Monitoring and diagnostics providers


Scientech provides utility NSSS, A&E and OEMs with the hardware,technology, risk and reliability information and process solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiency, safety, performance and knowledge. ScientechScientech offers a variety of software tools including PMAX. Scientech's PMAX system has been installed on more nuclear generating stations than all other on-line performance monitoring systems combined.
      Scientech software includes:

  • StressWave Systems, State-of-the-art condition monitoring
  • PMAX™ on-line thermal performance monitoring and analysis system
  • R*TIME® real-time data acquisition, display and man-machine interfacing software
  • Labstats™, Laboratory Instrument AQ/AC software
  • WinNupra™ self-contained, integrated, probabilistic safety/risk assessment software
  • PdP™ Predictive pattern and system state analyzer algorithm
  • CMAX™ equipment condition monitoring
  • PEPSE™ integrated heat balance modeling and assessment software
  • Safety Monitor risk based configuration management software
  • VSAT is the security risk assessment tool developed for the U.S. EPA
Discover more about Scientech.


Anatec-LMTAnatec-LMT, a business unit of Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Company, is a global, full service provider of Non-Destructive Examination (NDE), and Quality Services to nuclear and fossil power generation, petrochemical, construction, defense, and transportation markets.

Anatec –LMT service offerings include advanced Steam Generator Eddy Current Analysis, BOP Heat Exchanger Eddy Current Testing and Heat Exchanger Condition Assessment, Ultrasonic Testing, including manual and automated Phased Array UT applications, In-Service Inspection (ISI), including ASME Code Program development and review and Quality Control and Quality Assurance services. Anatec –LMT provides technical and certification training in all NDE methods in addition to providing third party certification services. Their core group of Level III personnel has become the workforce of choice for U.S. and international utilities and vendors. The San Clemente based business unit is a member of the Nuclear Group of companies (EMD, Enertech, EST Group, NETCO, Nova, Scientech, and Target Rock) continuously supporting the global Nuclear Power Industry for over 50 years. Discover more about Anatec-LMT services.

QualTech NP

QualTech NP operates one of the largest tri-axial seismic simulators in the U.S., capable of producing extreme environmental conditions such as earthquakes. Testing is performed to IEEE 3441975/87. Software analysis includes ALGOR and ANSYS finite element analysis. All physical and software testing is based on common standards.
      Physical and software testing:

  • Commercial Seismic Code
  • IEEE344
  • IEEE382
  • ASME Division 1 Section III Design Code
  • AISC Structural Steel Design Code QualTech NP
      Harsh environment testing
(IEEE-323 and/or IEEE-382)

  • Radiator aging
  • Thermal aging
  • Cycle aging
  • Vibration aging
  • Seismic environment Accident testing
    • LOCA, HELB, MSLE and others
  • Extreme cold

Mild environment services include extreme conditions testing for applications which exceed manufacturer's specifications. Discover more about QualTech NP.

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