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CWFC Power Solutions
power solutions
Power Overview
Supplying a variety of critical technologies to the power industry
New Builds
Pumps, CRDMs and a host of solutions for new nuclear plants
Operating Reactors
Supporting 439 reactors operating in 30 countries
Fluid Processing
Critical flow control products and engineered solutions
Containment / Infrastructure
Fabricated components, system interfaces and containment
Control Systems
Electronic components, systems and software
Monitoring / Diagnostics
Diagnostics/monitoring, ultrasonic analysis and environmental testing
Sealing Technologies
Nuclear and non-nuclear pressure seal containment solutions
Engineering Services
Design, analysis, outage support, engineering, licensing and more
Obsolescence Portal
Providing obsolescence solutions
Control Systems
Electronic components, systems and software

Curtiss-Wright Flow Control companies provide state-of-the-art electronic components, systems and software to the power industry, with control systems used throughout the power generation process.

Control System solutions include:
  • System panels and relay products
    • Full Voltage Controls
    • Variable Frequency Drives
    • Pump Control Panels
    • Power Factor Correction
    • Low Voltage Starters
    • Medium Voltage Controls
  • Pre-developed and retrofit software
    • Real-time data acquisition/display software
    • Enterprise security software
    • Replacement Controls:
      • Motor Control Centers
      • Switchgear Lineups
      • Custom Panels

Control systems providers


Benshaw Advanced Controls and Drives is a leading electrical engineering and manufacturing company, Benshaw provides turnkey motor and machine control and protection solutions for Original Equipment BenshawManufactures customers. In many applications, multiple motors are required to complete a process. Benshaw operates and protects the complete operating system with one panel. Benshaw engineers and manufactures a full range of rugged, reliable and internationally compliant products that smoothly control the amount of electrical current provided to motors.

Custom panel solutions include a variety of low and medium voltage components, such as starters, drives, contractors, breakers and other related devices. Benshaw has an installed base of over 100,000 control units, with hundreds of custom systems designed.  Discover more about Benshaw.


Scientech provides utility and industrial clients with the hardware, technology,risk and reliability information and process solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiency, safety,performance and knowledge. Scientech Scientechoffers a variety of software tools including PMAX. Scientech's PMAX system has been installed on more nuclear generating stations than all other on-line performance monitoring systems combined.
      Controls software include:

  • R*TIME® real-time data acquisition, display and man-machine interfacing software
  • VSAT™enterprise security software
Discover more about Scientech.

Total Automation Solutions (TAS)

Total Automation Solutions (TAS) is a supplier of integrated automation and controls technology, products and services. TAS integrates quality OEM automation and control products with the optimum team of automation TASand control engineering resources to supply:Custom Control Systems Integration Services. Application Specific Integrated Products and Services (ASIPS). Applications The Total Automation Solutions team has been providing valve automation and control solutions to the Power and Liquid Storage markets for more than 20 years. Discover more about TAS.

QualTech NPQualTech NP

QualTech NP provides replacements for Motor Control Centers (MCC), Switchgear Lineups, and Custom Panel for a variety of nuclear controls for mil/harsh and seismic impacted environments. QualTech NP services include:

  • Spare parts at various levels (i.e.: MCC Bucket replacement/refurbishment
  • Replacement components including MCCBs, transformers, fuses, etc.
  • Switchgear Roll-in replacement breakers, etc.
Discover more about QualTech NP.
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