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CWFC Power Solutions
power solutions
Power Overview
Supplying a variety of critical technologies to the power industry
New Builds
Pumps, CRDMs and a host of solutions for new nuclear plants
Operating Reactors
Supporting 439 reactors operating in 30 countries
Fluid Processing
Critical flow control products and engineered solutions
Containment / Infrastructure
Fabricated components, system interfaces and containment
Control Systems
Electronic components, systems and software
Monitoring / Diagnostics
Diagnostics/monitoring, ultrasonic analysis and environmental testing
Sealing Technologies
Nuclear and non-nuclear pressure seal containment solutions
Engineering Services
Design, analysis, outage support, engineering, licensing and more
Obsolescence Portal
Providing obsolescence solutions
Fluid Processing
Critical flow control products and engineered solutions

The most critical standard applies to pressure-boundary components: valves, pumps, heat exchangers and sealing technologies. These products must be furnished with the ASME N-stamp (complete equipment) or NPT-stamp (replacement parts). As noted earlier, the majority of companies have abandoned those stamps- while Curtiss-Wright Flow Control has continued to expand its portfolio of nuclear certifications.

CWFC companies are audited and approved for the supply of safety-related components. With our unequalled scope of QA certification and breadth of products, Curtiss-Wright Flow Control provides equipment into every major system in today's operating nuclear plants.

Fluid Processing solutions include:
  • Pumps and pump monitoring Pumps and pump monitoring
    • Pumps
    • Monitoring equipment
    • Software
  • Critical valve products
    • Critical valve productsSolenoid valves
    • Pressurized valves
    • Main steam valves
    • Emergency feedwater control valves
    • Isolation valves
    • Control valves
    • Valve actuators   Gasket, seals, packing, expansion joints   Heat exchangersRotary disc valves
  • Valve actuators
  • Gasket, seals, packing, expansion joints
  • Heat exchangers

This diagram illustrates a typical nuclear reactor in operation today. Much of the equipment used to control flow is critical to plant performance and safety. As such, it is designed, manufactured and tested to the most stringent quality standards.

EMD Reactor PumpsFluid processing Providers

The Electro-Mechanical Division (EMD)

The Electro-Mechanical Division (EMD) manufactures advanced pumps, motors, generators, mechanicals seals,control-rod drive mechanisms and power conditioning electronics for the military, commercial power and Process industry clients.  Discover more about EMD.


EnertechEnertech provides products and services to commercial nuclear power plants, NSSSsuppliers, A&E's and the U.S. Department of Energy and has established strategic relationships with companies whose products and services are vital to successfully operating nuclear power plants. Customers rely on Enertech's unique, innovative, and integrated QA process to provide safety-related and ASME Section III parts.   
Discover more about Enertech.

Target Rock

Target RockTarget Rock valves ensure safe and reliable operations within critical, severe service environments. Its diverse line of safety-related valves for all power markets includes solenoid-operated isolation and control valves, pilot-operated pressurizer and main steam safety relief valves, direct-acting MSSVs, inverted cone SRVs, severe service MOVs, and a line of pneumatic components.
Discover more about Target Rock.

EST Group

EST Group, is a market leader in providing highly engineered products and EST TightGrip Plugscomprehensive repair services for heat management cooling systems. Expansion Seal Technologies (EST) is the market leader in engineered plugs for shell and tube heat exchangers, condensers, oil coolers, piping systems and pressure vessels for severe service applications. EST Heat Exchanger manufactures heat exchangers, condensers, oil coolers,piping systems and pressure vessels. Discover more about EST Group.


Anatec-LMTAnatec-LMT, a business unit of Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Company, is a global, full service provider of Non-Destructive Examination (NDE), and Quality Services to nuclear and fossil power generation, petrochemical, construction, defense, and transportation markets.

Anatec –LMT service offerings include advanced Steam Generator Eddy Current Analysis, BOP Heat Exchanger Eddy Current Testing and Heat Exchanger Condition Assessment, Ultrasonic Testing, including manual and automated Phased Array UT applications, In-Service Inspection (ISI), including ASME Code Program development and review and Quality Control and Quality Assurance services. Anatec –LMT provides technical and certification training in all NDE methods in addition to providing third party certification services. Their core group of Level III personnel has become the workforce of choice for U.S. and international utilities and vendors. The San Clemente based business unit is a member of the Nuclear Group of companies (EMD, Enertech, EST Group, NETCO, Nova, Scientech, and Target Rock) continuously supporting the global Nuclear Power Industry for over 50 years. Discover more about Anatec-LMT services.

Scientech provides utility and industrial clients with the hardware, technology,risk and reliability information and process solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiency, safety, performance and knowledge. Discover more about Scientech.

Farris EngineeringFarris Engineering

For over 60 years, Farris Engineering has been a leader in the design and manufacture of spring loaded and pilot operated pressure relief valves. Used as safety devices, our valves protect processes, personnel and the environment against process disruption. Farris Engineering is recognized as a pressure relief solution provider to the energy, oil & gas production, petrochemical, chemical process, defense and industrial markets worldwide. Discover more about Farris Engineering.

Solent & Pratt (S&P)

Solent & PrattSolent & Pratt is a UK-based manufacturer of High Performance and Triple Offset Butterfly Valves which are used in severe service conditions throughout the international Process, petrochemical, power, utility (including nuclear and hydro-electric) industries. Discover more about Solent & Pratt.

CWFC KoreaCWFC Korea

CWFC Korea is a specialized manufacturer of control valves that maintains long-term relationships with customers through its development of new products that provide advanced functionality. Through continued research and development of its products, CWFC, with its partner KPS of Korea, supplies superior quality with the most competitive pricing. Discover more about CWFC Korea / KPS.

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