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CWFC Industrial Products and Solutions
industrial solutions
  Industrial Overview
A wide range of critical control systems as industrial solutions
Control Systems
Turnkey motor, machine control and protection devices
Pumps, Valves & Actuators
A variety of pumps, valves and gas boosters for industrial needs
Sealing Technologies
Pressure seal containment solutions for industrial needs
Engineering Services
Consulting for compliance, certification and field services
Commercial Aviation Tractors/Handlers
A wide variety of aircraft handling solutions
Industrial Overview
A wide range of critical control systems as industrial solutions

A wide range of critical control systems as industrial solutionsIn the early 1950s, the Electro-Mechanical Division and Target Rock developed the first instrumentation and control microprocessor equipment aboard nuclear submarines. Since that time Curtiss-Wright Flow Control has expanded into numerous industries.

Today, CWFC offers a wide range of critical control systems as broader industrial solutions, including products and services from Benshaw Advanced Drive Systems, Sprague Products and Farris Engineering.

Industrial solutions include:
Benshaw Advanced Controls and Drives

Benshaw Advanced Controls and Drives is a leading electrical engineering and manufacturing company. Benshaw provides turnkey motor Benshaw: A leading electrical engineering and manufacturing companyand machine control and protection solutions forOriginal Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers. In many applications, multiple motors are required to complete a process. Benshaw operates and protects the complete operating system with one panel. Benshaw engineers and manufactures a full range of rugged, reliable and internationally compliant products that smoothly control the amount of electrical current provided to motors.
Discover more about Benshaw Advanced Controls and Drives.

Sprague Products

Sprague Products offers the widest variety of mission critical pumps and hydraulic products and accessories for industry. Its products are simple in design, providing the user with cost-effective and energy-saving benefits for many industrial and research applications when compared to other similar products. Discover more about Sprague Products.

Farris EngineeringFarris Engineering

Farris Engineering provides pressure relief valves as well as their operation training, and repair. It is a recognized leader in the hydrocarbon processing solutions for the refinery, petrochemical, natural gas production and transfer, pharmaceutical, and general processing industries worldwide. The Farris Authorized Service Team (FAST) employs an expert staff to assist with all pressure relief valve needs. Discover more about Farris Engineering.


GROQUIP is a provider of risk-reducing engineered services that will assure safe operation, regulatory compliance and solutions to owners of pressure GROQUIP Risk-reducing Engineered Servicesprocesses. Its customers rely on the mechanics and physics of pressure to accomplish work in their processes.

GROQUIP is well positioned to support all your pressure process solutions as well as serving as the ideal industry conduit for all original equipment manufacturers, reverse engineered and partnered solutions. Its unique approach to solutions assures the greatest value with all your product procurement and servicing needs. Discover more about GROQUIP.

Setting the standard for quality and innovation Benshaw GROQUIP Farris Engineering EST Group TAS Sprague Products EES Engineering & Services

Today, the companies of Curtiss-Wright Flow Control specialize in the design and manufacture of highly engineered valves, pumps motors, generators, electronics and related products for a range of critical military programs, the commercial nuclear power industry and oil and gas processing facilities around the world. They've been making history for more than a century.

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