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CWFC Defense Solutions
defense solutions
Defense Overview
Providing more than 160 years of service to the U.S. Navy
Pumps, Valves & Actuators
Manufacturing and refurbishment of pumps and valves for government maritime service
Control Systems
State-of-the-art components, systems and software
Critical function electro-mechanical products
Advanced Products & Systems
Providing innovative electro-mechanical concepts and products
Sealing Technologies
Nuclear and non-nuclear pressure seal containment solutions
Engineering & Manufacturing
Diverse engineering and development services with specialized consulting
Software & Development
Asset management software development and implementation
Sealing Technologies
Nuclear and non-nuclear pressure seal containment solutions

Nova Machine Products

Nova Machine Products is a leading supplier of safety-related fasteners and precision components, bolting and tensioning solutions, constructionproducts, and relatedinventorymanagement services to utilities, Nuclear Steam Supply Systems, Architects & Engineers, the Department of Nova Machine ProductsEnergy and Original Equipment Manufacturers as well as power generating facilities throughoutthe U.S.and around the world.

Innovative products, such as Nova's HydraNut® bolting technology are changing the face of the industry by dramatically accelerating closure time for reactor vessel heads and coolant pumps, increasing plant efficiencies while significantly reducing the risk of exposure to employees. Additional products and services include custom manufacturing, NPT-Certified Welding, nuclear approved Unistrut® building materials and PlasmaBond® vacuum-coating lubricant seals. 
Discover more about Nova Machine Products.

EST Group

A market leader in providing highly engineered products and comprehensive repair services for heat management cooling systems,
EST Group, provides engineered plugsfor shell and tube heat exchangers, condensers, oil coolers, piping systems and pressure vessels for severe service applications. Its best known product - the Pop-A-PlugŪ -- is the industry's leading technology. EST TightGrip PlugsEST Heat Exchanger manufactures heat exchangers, condensers, oil coolers, piping systems and pressure vessels.

EST Field Services provides a comprehensive range of field services for heat management systems.

Design services provides design, fabrication and repairs of tubular heat exchangers, oil coolers, chillers, double pipe heat exchangers and Section VIII pressure vessels. Field services include a complete range of turnkey services targeted at the inspection and repair of tubular heat exchangers and condensers. Discover more about EST Group.

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